Basement Playroom Revamp – Paint & Shelves

After we completed the Work Table & Storage cabinet I wanted to add some color into the space, since it was EXTREMELY bland and filled with white...and not that clean bright white, more like that dingy white that begs for some home improvement attention.  See what I mean? Bleck!

First before picture of basement

Second before picture of basement

So I did just that! I chose my favorite color, blue, not just because I LOVE IT but because I felt like it would liven the space up without being too overwhelming.  This is how it turned out:

Basement with blue painted wall

Back wall of basement

What do you think?  I'm in love!  Again, make anything blue and I'm pretty much guaranteed to like it!

Did you notice that I also painted the cement pop out that was beneath both of the 9 cube shelves (affiliate link) as well as the faux rock on the left hand side?  When we first moved into our house that faux rock stretched across that whole back wall.  Man was it an eye sore and I HATED IT!  A few years back we covered the right hand side of the wall with plywood, painted it with chalkboard paint, and then placed pegboard over the left side.  But now I felt it was time for the pegboard to go bye-bye and I decided to just paint over the faux rock with white paint.

I guess painting became addictive because I just kept painting and painting.   I was a painting machine!  I painted the kids' bench that my husband had made a few months back and an extra piece of plywood that we had leftover from a different project.  The plan for the plywood was to use it for my DIY Wall Easel project, which I'll tell you more about later on.

Then, using some of the leftover scrap melamine from the Work Table & Storage project, I built new shelves (thankfully, my husband walked me through it).  After doing so, the space felt a little busy or cluttered so I decided to turn it into a make shift "closet".  I cut a wooden dowel down to size and secured the wall brackets then added a curtain (which I hemmed down to size). Next I added some throw pillows that I purchased on clearance from Home Depot for about $8 a piece.  Granted, they are technically outdoor pillows, but I translated that to meaning they are more durable and easy to hose down! A winning combination for a kid's playroom!

Toy storage behind curtain

On the top shelf you can see my Discovery Totes that I made last year.  They have a variety of different contents that are mostly sensory oriented, but all of which contain small pieces so they stay up high.  HOPEFULLY out of reach of my youngest...however she is a monkey so I fear it won't be long before she manages to get to them!  It will be wonderful when she can (safely) play with them too.  Currently Ellie can only use them while Abbie is napping and lately they've been napping at the same time.  (Which has its own perks!!) The great thing is that the totes are ready when that day comes!

Some other fun additions to this space are the DIY Wall Easel and the DIY Felt Board (not pictured in this post) that I mounted to the left side of my 6' storage cabinet.  I'm excited to share more about these fun projects!

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  1. Looks awesome!
    • Ashley
      Thank you! I sure had fun working on it! The space feels more like an actual playroom now!

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