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Contrary to what I thought in school, we DO use math ALL the time.  Granted I personally haven't needed to graph hyperbolas since graduating, but I do use math daily.  With that being said, I challenge you to start talking-out loud whenever you're using math.  Remember, your children are always listening! And if you're modeling mathematical skills they will take note and try to emulate.

A great time to try this is while prepping dinner as it yields ample opportunities for math talk!  When my oldest wasn't even two years old she absolutely LOVED to sit on the counter in the kitchen and watch daddy cook.  Daddy would read the recipe out-loud: "I need three cups of water." Then count out while he measured: "One. Two. Three."

Numbers 1, 2, 3

He would also talk about sequence: "First we need to preheat the oven to 350 degrees, then we'll start measuring the dry ingredients." Keep in mind this is only a snippet of what would go on, but hopefully you can already see how much learning happens!  And you don't even have to plan a specific activity, you just talk about what you're doing while you make dinner!

 As Ellie got older she has taken on more of an active role in helping prepare dinner.  Check out this handout for ideas on what types of tasks your children can do at different ages.  Plus, it lists some of the benefits of including children in mealtime prep that go beyond mathematics!

As you might have noticed I was describing what my husband does with our kids in the kitchen...not what I do.  Why lie?  My husband is definitely the cook in our family.  I can manage edible meals but cooking isn't something I get excited about so I don't always think to include my I'll confess I usually just want to hurry up and be done!  Sometimes I feel like I need more kid friendly recipes, if you're nodding along while reading this then you might want to check out some cookbooks like this one (affiliate link) created especially for kids or websites like this one that boast lists of kid-friendly recipes.  BUUUT if you're a chef master like my hubby please feel free to comment below with some of your favorite recipes!

Bring your kids into the kitchen for meal prep! I am watching. I am learning!

Don't forget that even the littlest of munchkins can benefit from being included too!  We would strap our kids into their high chairs when they were itty bitty and pull them into the kitchen which put them at the perfect height for observing all the action! 

If you want to see some more kid-friendly cookbooks (and more) in one list check out my:

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