DIY Wall Easel

Another fun addition to our basement playroom was a DIY Wall Easel.  I had seen different ones for sale, like this one made by Alex (affiliate link), but since I already had plywood and paint, I was pretty confident that I could make one myself, for much less!

I did a little bit of searching on the web and came across this wonderful and easy to follow plan on the Lowe's website.  It includes a material and tool list as well as step-by-step directions.  They indicate that the project is suitable for a beginner, and I completely agree!

Since I was using different materials, I had to make a few adjustments, which basically meant I needed to use longer bolts.  I also wanted to add a board (they call it a poplar craft board) across the bottom to help hold the paper in place so I bought a 4' long board instead of a 2' long board, and used the chop-saw to cut it in half.  (A worthy side note, is that Home Depot has a cutting station where their staff are willing to cut things down for you if needed.)

On Lowe's plan they used a mud trough, at the base of the easel to hold markers and such, but I found them to cost around $15, even on Amazon (affiliate link).  So I decided to go ahead and create a rather shallow shelf using some leftover melamine and then I placed a plastic basket on the shelf to hold art supplies.  I bought this one for $1 at Fred Meyers, but they have similar ones (a little more narrow and a little more flimsy) at Dollar Tree.

Originally, I had planned on making it a double or "two-person" easel, so that both girls could paint side by side, but after building our Work Table & Storage cabinet, as well as the shelves for our "closet", I didn't have enough material to make one of that size.  So far the girls don't seem to mind!

After this picture was taken, I added a double wall hook for to holding the girls' paint smocks as well as shelf above the easel.  (Yes, you guessed it I used more of that leftover melamine we had!) It's a great place to store unfinished or wet craft projects.  Currently it is holding a small basket of our Good Night, Gorilla - Stick Puppets.

You can download the Describing Art Poster (pictured to the right of the easel) for FREE at my Teachers Pay Teachers store. It contains art vocabulary to help you describe what your little artists are creating.  I found that I was overusing the phrase "I see you used a lot of orange in your creation." Or something similar, so I was hoping this poster would get me out of that rut!

(BTW the masterpiece above is Ellie's drawing of her daddy.  The brown oval shape around his chin is "daddy's beard".)

Looking for an even simpler DIY project?  You'll want to check out my DIY Felt Board!  I hope I've inspired you to create something of your own!  If so, I would love to see what you've made!

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