DIY Felt Board

One of the most recent additions to our children's playroom is a DIY Felt Board.

I couldn't quite explain it, but I had been dying to find a unique use for one of these large oil drip pans (affiliate link).  I first came across these things on Pinterest where I saw a parent had coated the pan with spray paint and mounted it on the wall of their child's playroom for a fun magnetic play area.  On Pinterest, if you search for "drip pan magnet board" you will see oodles of variations and creative uses for them, or you can click here. 😉   One of my absolute favorite ideas is from Vanessa Brady with Tried & True who turned hers into an art center for her little one.  You should definitely check it out!

In Vanessa Brady's post I learned that the oil drip pans are available at Walmart for only $12 so I hopped right on over and bought one for myself.  After much consideration I decided to turn it into a felt board.

We had been using a 3-in-1 portable easel (affiliate link) that measured about 15" x 20" and it was working fine, but I wanted something a little bigger that had different colors of felt for the background.  I already had two large sheets of stiff felt pieces (one blue and one black) so I decided I would use those as the "sky" and then I purchased a few pieces of green stiff sticky back felt pieces (affiliate link) to place below them.

DIY Felt Board

The sticky felt worked perfectly!  To adhere the two large pieces to the pan I used double-sided permanent tape (affiliate link) and so far it is holding up great!

Since I like to have a "waiting" area for felt pieces when I'm using them to retell a story, I placed a strip of velcro below the green felt, that way they're ready and waiting to be added to the "scene" when their time comes!

I absolutely LOVE the size of this thing!  One of my biggest sets of felt story pieces, that I've created, is for "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" by Eric Carle (affiliate link), and I wanted to see if it would be able to hold all of the pieces...

"The Very Hungry Caterpillar" felt pieces

And it DID!  WAHOO!  How awesome is that?

Next, I drilled two holes in the top corners of the DIY Felt Board and mounted it to the side of my storage cabinet.  I decided to use nuts and bolts so that I can turn it around and use the other blank side for magnets.

In the future, I plan on adding some lego baseplates (affiliate link) to the backside for a unique lego wall.  By using nuts and bolts I will be able to remove the pan completely from the cabinet and lay it flat on the kids' table, thus transforming our everyday play table into a "lego table".  Don't you just love multi-use creations??  I know I do!  If lego baseplates weren't so darn spendy I would totally have added them to the back already!  However, I'm trying to be patient and am keeping my eyes peeled for used plates.  For now, we're definitely enjoying the felt board side of this creation!

Ellie playing with DIY Felt Board

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