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We Give Books

Are you tired of reading the same books over and over?  Don't want to spend money on buying more books?  Can't quite make it to your local library to get new books? Then check out We Give Books to be able to read from an extensive library of books online for FREE!  But the awesomeness…
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MY Magnet Letters!

Originally I was going to limit the children's toys to the living room...buuuut that's not what happened.  Now there are toys in EVERY. SINGLE. ROOM.  Bathroom?  Check!  Office?  Check!  Kitchen? Check!

And honestly I don't mind.  As long as it stays safe.

I figure I'm a stay-at-home-mom and have stay-at-home-children (Is that a thing? Eh, why not?!) so our home  needs to be geared towards them as much as it is to us adults.  I want them to feel like they belong here, because they do!

So instead of always shooing Ellie out of the kitchen, I set up an "activity" using the fridge and magnet letters I created.  I printed, laminated and cut out two sets of the letters in her name.  Taped one set to the fridge and put adhesive magnet backing on the other set (I used Magnetic Tape from Amazon).  This way she has a permanent name example that she can match her letters on top of.

(This is a video of us reviewing the letters together.)