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Good Night, Gorilla – Complete Set

Activity Pictures Printables Good Night, Gorilla - Complete Set     Ages: Preschool, Kindergarten, 1st Domains: Social-Emotional, Cognitive, Physical, Language & Literacy Price: $12.00 Purchase Now!    SummaryInside this set you will find DAYS worth of activities based around the popular children's book "Good Night, Gorilla" by Peggy Rathmann.  Ten (10!) main activities target all four…
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Counting Cupcakes

Have you ever wanted to work on something with your child, but you weren't sure they'd be interested?  Try introducing a new concept or vocab with narration first.

For example, I really wanted to work on counting but I didn't want to force it.  I decided to let Ellie explore with our DIY Counting Cupcakes without any direction.  Since I wanted to focus on counting I started plugging in mathematical terms as I was narrating what she was doing (what she initiated) such as commenting on how many cupcakes were sleeping and how many were awake.  We were engaged in a conversation and there was a natural point to have her count without just setting a group of cupcakes in front of her and asking "How many are there?"  Yes, it requires more patience this way, but its less stressful and definitely more meaningful play.

DIY Counting Cupcakes

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Counting Cupcakes!

A super fun fine motor activity!

Ellie loves cupcakes (who doesn't?) so when I saw  individual plastic cupcake holders at the Dollar Store I knew I had to buy them!

After some brainstorming I decided to make them into a matching math game.  Using a permanent marker I drew dots on top of each cupcake container and wrote the corresponding number on the base (as well as the number word on the back side and the same number of dots on the inside of the base).  Then, I visited my good buddy Amazon and purchased miniature scented cupcake erasers that could be counted and placed inside the containers and lo and behold my DIY Counting Cupcakes were born!

$3.00 for 6 cupcake containers (2/$1) + $6.69 for 24 scented cupcake erasers = $9.69

UNDER $10!!

(If you want, you can add a cupcake tin from Dollar Store if you don't already own one.)