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DIY Counting Cupcakes

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Counting Cupcakes!

A super fun fine motor activity!

Ellie loves cupcakes (who doesn't?) so when I saw  individual plastic cupcake holders at the Dollar Store I knew I had to buy them!

After some brainstorming I decided to make them into a matching math game.  Using a permanent marker I drew dots on top of each cupcake container and wrote the corresponding number on the base (as well as the number word on the back side and the same number of dots on the inside of the base).  Then, I visited my good buddy Amazon and purchased miniature scented cupcake erasers that could be counted and placed inside the containers and lo and behold my DIY Counting Cupcakes were born!

$3.00 for 6 cupcake containers (2/$1) + $6.69 for 24 scented cupcake erasers = $9.69

UNDER $10!!

(If you want, you can add a cupcake tin from Dollar Store if you don't already own one.)

ABC Snacks: Eating Your Way through the Alphabet

ABC Snacks! This is an amazingly creative collection of alphabet inspired snacks created by Marie Ripple (creator of All About Reading and All About Spelling programs).  I highly encourage you to check out this wonderful and FREE resource! ABC Snacks: Eating Your Way through the Alphabet | All About Learning Press.
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Hand Washing Song

I've found that children are more likely to participate in ANYTHING if you sing a song while you're doing it.  We make up our own songs all day long, but one of our favorites is this hand washing song: Hand Washing Song (Sing to the tune of "Brother John" or "Frere Jacques") Tops and bottoms,…
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Meltdowns Happen

Meltdowns happen, especially so close to naptime, but after Ellie takes deep breaths and calms herself down we can talk about what happened.  When we're calm it's easier to try and problem solve.  It's important that we (the grown-ups) also model staying calm.

After this meltdown I decided to move lunch up so that we could get to naptime sooner! 🙂