Teachable Moments

DIY Felt Board

One of the most recent additions to our children's playroom is a DIY Felt Board. I couldn't quite explain it, but I had been dying to find a unique use for one of these large oil drip pans (affiliate link).  I first came across these things on Pinterest where I saw a parent had coated the…
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Math 4 Dinner

Contrary to what I thought in school, we DO use math ALL the time.  Granted I personally haven't needed to graph hyperbolas since graduating, but I do use math daily.  With that being said, I challenge you to start talking-out loud whenever you're using math.  Remember, your children are always listening! And if you're modeling mathematical skills…
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Stages of Cutting with Scissors

I'm supposed to let my preschooler use SCISSORS??? ARE YOU CRAZY??? I must be pretty darn crazy because I gave Ellie scissors when she was two years old!  Why so young?  Well, we had been building up her fine motor skills for quite some time and she seemed up for the challenge. By 18 months old she was…
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Counting Cupcakes

Have you ever wanted to work on something with your child, but you weren't sure they'd be interested?  Try introducing a new concept or vocab with narration first.

For example, I really wanted to work on counting but I didn't want to force it.  I decided to let Ellie explore with our DIY Counting Cupcakes without any direction.  Since I wanted to focus on counting I started plugging in mathematical terms as I was narrating what she was doing (what she initiated) such as commenting on how many cupcakes were sleeping and how many were awake.  We were engaged in a conversation and there was a natural point to have her count without just setting a group of cupcakes in front of her and asking "How many are there?"  Yes, it requires more patience this way, but its less stressful and definitely more meaningful play.