Basement Playroom Remodel with STORAGE – A fun DIY project

I just finished our basement playroom remodel!!!  Including adding an extra DIY storage cabinet and work table!  Wahoo!!!

Since my "summer vacation" is coming to an end , I thought I should go ahead and fill you in on what I've accomplished!  Due to my shortened attention span (yes, I blame the children for that) I managed to dibble dabble on a variety of small projects.  PVC Water Wall, DIY Wall Easel, DIY Felt Board, Play Dough Mats Binder, Grocery Store Signs and Stones to name a few!  However, my biggest accomplishment was completing a basement remodel.  Okay...more like a re-vamp!

My husband actually got the ball rolling on this when he volunteered to make me a new work table.  Ever start out with one task in mind that grows to be SOO much more?  Well, that's what happened here.  My new work table ended up including base cabinets underneath as well as a 6' tall cabinet on one end!  All made from melamine purchased from Home Depot.  I secretly openly believe that my husband took this on as an excuse to buy and play with new tools.  However, I must admit, the Kreg Pocket Hole Jig (affiliate link) as well as the Kreg Shelf Pin Drilling Jig (affiliate link) we bought is pretty awesome!

Ellie at old work tablePreviously, my work table was squeezed into the "office" with my desk on one side, and my husband's re-loading bench behind me.  My wall of storage drawers were to my side, plus more drawers tucked in underneath.  Basically I had stuff crammed into every possible nook and cranny!

I'm not sure if I mentioned that we live in a 1600 square foot house that has almost NO closet space (minus the two itty bitty closets in the bedrooms upstairs)?  So Sterilite Drawers (affiliate link) have become my friends and helped me use wall space.

The GREAT thing about this revamp, was that we built our cabinets in a way that allowed us to continue to use these storage drawers which means we didn't waste $$$.

Now my husband uses my old work table in the office which allows us both to use the office at the SAME time.  That means no more texting each other questions while he's upstairs on the couch with his laptop and I'm downstairs in the office!  Another bonus!

Tall white storage cabinet and work table with base cabinets

Hallelujah! I have lockable storage!!!! Lockable storage is a necessity since it's in the kids' playroom!

Take a look:

Opened doors of tall white storage cabinet and base cabinets

Okay for those of you who aren't OCD neat freaks this may not seem like a big deal, but to me?  HOLY SMOKES I LOVE IT!

Can you spot the Uncle Milton Ant Farm?  It was one of my Second Hand Scores back in May for $2.99.  I did have to buy a vile of ants online, but it still was cheaper than buying it new!  On Amazon they're listed for around $16 (affiliate link). The vile can only be shipped certain times of the year, based on where you live, so ours didn't come in until last week.  Unfortunately, the majority of our ants didn't survive the trip. 🙁 We have about 8 ants to watch, but even they are quite productive!

Work Table and Storage Drawers

Looking at these pictures you're probably thinking that's a lot of white in one little area.  That was my thinking too!  Since this is a basement, with very little natural light, I wanted to brighten it up with a coat of paint.  So I did!  Click below to see how great it turned out!

Click here to see the rest of the playroom!

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