I Ain’t Gonna Paint No More! – Body Trace & Paint Activity


Body Trace & Paint Activity



Ages: Preschool, Kindergarten, 1st

Domains: Social-Emotional, Cognitive, Physical, Language & Literacy


After reading (language & literacy) the story "I Ain't Gonna Paint No More!" written by Karen Beaumont be sure to extend the fun with this full-sized painting activity that works on fine motor skills (physical), trust (social-emotional), memory (cognitive), labeling body parts (language & literacy) and so much more!

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Be sure to use WASHABLE markers especially while tracing your child, especially if you have an extra wiggly child as you might end up marking on their clothes.  Keep in mind there are ways to modify this depending on the age and skill level of your child.  You can let them paint to their heart’s content or you can encourage them to paint their body in the same order as the story. 

  1. Gather materials ahead of time and set aside
  2. Read book
  3. Roll out paper and have child lay down on their back while you trace their body
  4. Have child put on Child Art Smock
  5. Encourage child to add details to their body (eyes, nose, mouth, etc.) using markers
  6. Bring out the painting supplies and have fun painting!  Be sure to talk about which body parts they’re painting or make up your own “song” as you paint. For older children, see if they can paint their body in the same order as the story! (Set aside to dry.)
  7. After your masterpiece has dried, write out body parts on sticky notes (e.g. head, hand, leg, feet, etc.) and have your child place them on their creation.  For more of a challenge, your child can write the words themselves.  You can even turn this into a game where you take turns telling each other where to place the sticky notes or naming a word that rhymes with the body part.
Print it!

Print it!

Story Stretchers: Body Trace & Paint


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