Good Night, Gorilla – Letter Hunt

Good Night, Gorilla - Letter Hunt



Ages: Toddler, Preschool, Kindergarten

Domains: Social-Emotional, Cognitive, Physical, Language & Literacy

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This activity includes role playing as the zookeeper (cognitive) while traveling through the house (physical) with a flashlight to find hidden Letter Hunt Cards (literacy) that have been taped high, low, under, behind, and next to items around your home (language).  As your child is busy having fun learning their letters with positive encouraging language from you their confidence is sure to soar (social-emotional)!

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Be sure to read Peggy Rathmann's "Good Night, Gorilla" book before starting this activity.  

I used an old button up dress shirt, baseball hat, and a set of baby keys to dress my two year old up as a "zookeeper".  If your little ones are over the moon excited about dress-up you might want to consider purchasing the zookeeper costume listed on my wishlist.

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  1. Print & cut out Letter Hunt Cards
  2. Tape the cards around your house while your little one(s) aren’t watching
  3. Equip your zookeeper(s) with their own flashlight (and any other zookeeper themed attire you have on hand), dim the lights and set them off in search of all the escaped letters!

As your zookeeper is searching be sure to narrate where they locate each letter card.  “That letter ‘G’ is up so HIGH on the wall.  It’s almost touching the ceiling!” Or help them out by giving them clues such as: “I see letter ‘A’ down low next to the couch.”  To make it a little more    challenging have your zookeeper explain where s/he found the letter.  All of this is great for working on positional phrases as well as building receptive and expressive language.

Focusing on one letter at a time (printing out multiple cards of the same letter) is also a very acceptable approach.  It can really help build your little one’s self confidence and works great with programs that teach a letter of the week.

To incorporate math skills be sure to announce the total letters that have escaped.  As you find them keep track of your total as well as how many are remaining.  “Woohoo!  You found letter ‘J’!  Now you have 4 letters and there are only 2 left.”  After you’ve found all the letter cards ask your zookeeper to count them to be sure s/he has found all of them.

An option that works on letter sound recognition involves printing both the letter card and the picture/word card.  Hide all of the picture/word cards around the room and give your child the letter cards.  As your child finds the picture/word cards have them match them to the letter card that they begin with.

A variation to this that incorporates fine motor skills is to print off a checklist that contains the letters (A, B, E, F, G, G, H, J, K, L & M) and as the zookeeper finds an animal card have them cross off the letter on the checklist that starts with the same letter.  You could even have them ‘X’ off the letter or circle the letter depending on what skill they’re working on!


Print it!

Print it!

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 Good Night, Gorilla - Letter Hunt

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