Good Night, Gorilla – Collect 10 Mat Game

Good Night, Gorilla - Collect 10 Mat Game



Ages: Preschool, Kindergarten

Domains: Social-Emotional, Cognitive, Physical, Language & Literacy

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 This activity uses Collect 10 Mats (aka: ten frames) and chips that contain images related to the story “Good Night, Gorilla” by Peggy Rathmann.  Two to four players, ages 3 and up, take turns (social-emotional) drawing a card to determine how many (cognitive) chips they can place on their mat (physical).  Each chip contains images on one side and letters on the other side (literacy).

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 You can cut out the “chips” and use as is, but I prefer to adhere them to the wooden discs with a letter on one side and the image on the other side.  I realize that doing so can take more time, but I’ve found that the Xyron Machine helps cut down on the glue mess and the circle punch significantly reduces cutting time.  (Also, I use a 1.25” Circle Punch instead of a 1.5” because it allows the image to fit within the discs without having any overhang.)

  1.  Print out mats, chips & cards (laminate if you desire)
  2. Cut out: chips (or use circle punch), cards & mat pages
  3.  Cut out the Collect 10 Mats as well as the Number, Dot & Tally Cards and set aside
  4. Tape, glue or use Xyron Machine to adhere chips to wooden discs or milk lids or poker chips.  Make sure to adhere the letter and corresponding image to each disc.  Example: ‘G’ on one side of disc and gorilla picture on the other side of the same disc.
    *  If you aren’t using wooden discs or milk lids for the Pawns & Chips then just use double-sided tape (or glue) to adhere the letter and corresponding image circles together. 


  1. Pass out one Collect 10 Mat to each player.
  2. Shuffle deck of cards and place face down in the middle of the table.  Place the "chips" in a pile near the middle of the table.
  3. Each player takes turns drawing a card to determine how many "chips" they get to pick from the pile and place on their mat.  After drawing a card place it at the bottom of the deck.
  4. Play continues until each player has collected 10 chips.  * If a player only needs 2 more chips but draws a 3 card then player draws again until they get a number that fits (Example: 1 or 2 card).

   You can take turns rolling a dice instead of drawing cards.

  You can choose to play with either the Collect 5 or Collect 10 Mats.  If you decide to use the Collect 5 Mats you will only want to use the lower quantity Number, Dot & Tally Cards (1-3)(The trick is to not make it TOO difficult starting out, but still challenging enough to be    beneficial.).

→  After placing the chips on their mat have each player complete this phrase:

“I have ______ chips.  I need ______ more to collect 10.” 

(This is great for working on identifying parts and wholes.)

→  To include some literacy be sure to ask them now and again which lettered chips they chose and the sound(s) they make.  Then pick one of the letters and ask all of the players to come up with another word that starts with the same letter.

  For older children you could also place them into teams.  Each team must work on negotiating and compromising of the different roles (drawing the card, collecting the “chips”, placing them on the mat and announcing their new total).  You could even assign a “scorekeeper” who will be in charge of writing each team’s new total after each turn.

→  Another fun extension involves sorting and I prefer doing this BEFORE you start the game.  Gather up 10 different containers (plastic cups work great for this) and label each one with one of the letters (G, K, J, F, M, B, A, E, H & L).  Then place the chips in the correct cup.

→  If you save plastic food containers (like I do) you could use one to store the chips in.  I recommend cutting a small slot in the top (like a piggy bank) to drop the chips into.  This is great fine motor practice and most kids really enjoy doing this so it makes clean-up time a cinch!


Print it!

Print it!

 Good Night, Gorilla - Collect 10 Mat Game

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