Good Night, Gorilla – Collect 10 Board Game

Good Night, Gorilla - Collect 10 Board Game



Ages: Preschool, Kindergarten, 1st

Domains: Social-Emotional, Cognitive, Physical, Language & Literacy

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Two to four players, ages 3 and up, take turns (social-emotional) rolling a dice to move their pawn (physical) around the board then drawing a card to determine how many (cognitive) animal “chips” they get to release from cages and place on their Collect 10 Mat.  Each chip contains images on one side and letters on the other side (literacy).  Object of the game is for each player to collect 10 chips.

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You can cut out the “chips” and use as is, but I prefer to adhere them to wooden or plastic discs with a letter on one side and the image on the other side.  I realize that doing so can take more time, but I’ve found that the Xyron Machine helps cut down on the glue mess and the circle punch significantly reduces cutting time.  (Also, I use a 1.25” Circle Punch instead of a 1.5” because it allows the image to fit within the discs without having any overhang.)

This requires considerable prep so plan to print out and set up ahead of time so that the game is ready to go when your little one(s) sit down to play.

  1.  Print out Board Game (choose which version you want), Collect 10 Mats and Number, Dot & Tally Cards, Dice (you will only need one), Pawn and Chip pages (laminate if you desire)
  2. Tape the four Board Game pages together with clear tape.  It should look like this:Board Game
  3.  Cut out the Collect 10 Mats as well as the Number, Dot & Tally Cards and set aside
  4. Use scissors and/or circle punch to cut out Pawns & Chips pages
  5. Tape, glue or use Xyron Machine to adhere Pawns & Chips to wooden discs or milk lids.  Make sure to adhere the letter and corresponding image to each disc or milk lid.  Example: ‘G’ on one side of disc and gorilla picture on the other side of the same disc.
    *  If you aren’t using wooden discs or milk lids for the Pawns & Chips then just use double-sided tape (or glue) to adhere the letter and corresponding image circles together. 


  1. Place all of the colored animal chips (not pawns) into their matching rectangular “cage” on the board.  Example: Elephant chips go inside the purple rectangle.  (They can be stacked on top of each other and either side of the chip can be facing up.)
  2. Shuffle the Cards and place them face down in a pile next to the board.
  3. Place one Collect 10 Mat in front of each player.
  4. Each player selects one pawn and places it on one of the four corner spaces on the board.
  5. Going clockwise around the board (starting with the youngest player) each player takes a turn rolling the dice and moving their pawn that amount of spaces.  Then draws a card and adds (or subtracts) that amount of chips on their Collect 10 Mat.  Place the card on the bottom of the pile and then the next player rolls the dice.  Play continues in this manner until each player has filled their Collect 10 Mat.
    * If a player only needs 2 more chips but draws a 3 card then player draws again until they get a number that fits (Example: 1 or 2 card).
    * If they have to subtract a number that is higher than their current chip total then they simply clear their mat back to zero and then it’s the next players turn.

  You can choose to play with either the Collect 5 or Collect 10 Mats.  If you decide to use the Collect 5 Mats you will only want to use the lower quantity Number, Dot & Tally Cards (1-4)(The trick is to not make it TOO difficult starting out, but still challenging enough to be beneficial.).

→  After the additions or subtractions have been made consider having each player complete this phrase: “I have ______ chips.  I need ______ more to collect 10.”  (This is great for working on identifying parts and wholes.)

  For less competition you could try using only one pawn and fill one Collect 10 Mat.  This works best if done one-on-one with only ONE child.

However, if you want to play with a LARGER group you can print out more mats and give each player their own.  If playing this way each player will  get a turn rolling the dice, moving the pawn, drawing a card, collecting “chips” and while s/he does so, the rest of the players will make the same additions and subtractions to their mat (which means everyone’s mat should look the same).  There can even be an “inspector” that goes around the table making sure everyone has made the correct calculations on their mat who then gives the group a compliment (thumbs up, “great job”, “nice work everyone” etc.) before the next player rolls the dice.

* If playing with more than 4 players you will need to make more “chips” or supplement with other manipulatives (pennies, bingo chips, unifix cubes, etc.) since each player will need a total of 10 chips (or manipulatives).

  For more competition you could also set the children up into teams.  Each team must work on negotiating and compromising of the different roles (rolling the dice, moving the pawn, drawing the card, collecting the “chips” and placing them on the mat).  You could even assign a “scorekeeper” who will be in charge of writing each team’s new total after each turn.

* This version works best if you determine how many “rounds” (or turns each group will get) before you begin and whoever has the HIGHEST total at the end is the winner.

Print it!

Print it!

 Good Night, Gorilla - Collect 10 Board Game

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