Good Night, Gorilla – Balloon Cards

Good Night, Gorilla - Balloon Cards



Ages: Preschool, Kindergarten, 1st

Domains: Social-Emotional, Cognitive, Physical, Language & Literacy

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These cards consist of 3 decks of cards containing either: numerals, dots or tallies (cognitive) placed inside colorful balloons with the word (literacy) typed below.  Each set contains 36 cards, with quadruples of each card making them perfect for a variety of different group games (social-emotional) including bowling (physical) or for incorporating into “grab bags”.

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These cards have numerous possibilities and I will list several on the following pages, but it is by no means an all inclusive list!  I would love to hear  what you have done with them!

Also, instead of using solid colored cardstock paper I printed mine on scrapbook paper that was white on one side and had a fun colored pattern on the other side. 

  1.  Print cards on cardstock paper
  2. Laminate (optional)
  3. Cut cards out (I prefer to round the edges)
  4. Sort the cards into 4 piles (numeral, dot, tally and word only cards) and place in a labeled plastic bag
  5. When you're ready to play choose which deck of cards you want to use (numeral, dot or tally), pick which game (listed below) you want to play and then make any needed adjustments to the cards.
    * Games requiring additional materials are marked with an asterisk.


Go Fish

2 - 4 players

Objective: Collect either pairs or sets of four cards (you choose)

Choose which deck you’ll be using (numeral, dot or tally).  Pass out four cards to each player.  The rest of the cards are placed face down (either in a pile or spread out) between all the players.  If you have any pairs (or sets) place them down in front of you face up and refill your hand (from the pile) so that you are holding four cards before you begin taking turns. Starting right of the dealer, each person takes  a turn asking another player for a certain card (“Abbie, do you have any fours?”) If a player asks you for a card and you have it then you must give it to them and they are awarded another turn.  If a player asks you for a card that you do not have then tell them to “Go fish” and they pick a card from the pile.  If they draw the card they had requested they show it to the group as proof and then are awarded another turn.  Play continues until all pairs (or sets) have been made.  At the end count out how many pairs (or sets) each player collected.

Variation:  Try to pair up the cards to make sums for 10 (or 5 depending on age and skill level).  If you’re focusing on sums of 5 then only use cards 1 through 5 and only pass out 2 cards per player.  If you’re focusing on sums of 10 then use all the cards and you can increase the number of cards dealt to four cards per player.

Memory Match-Up

2 - 4 players

Objective: Collect the pairs

Choose which deck you’ll be using (numeral dot or tally).  Begin by determining how many pairs of cards you want to play with (fewer for younger children and more sets for older or advanced children) and  gather up the pairs.  Then mix up those cards and lay them in rows, face down.  Take turns flipping over two cards.  If they match, place them in front of you (face up) and take another turn.  If they don’t match , turn them back over and it is the next player’s turn.  Play continues until all pairs have been made.  At the end count out how many pairs each player collected.

Variation:  You can  choose to combine two of the different sets of cards (such as number and dots) and have the players make matches of any combinations  as long as they have the same quantity.


1 - 4 children

Objective: Sorting into designated piles

Choose which deck(s) of cards you want to use then mix them up and place in a pile on the table or inside a box or basket.  Before you gather the children you can tape the word only cards to the table-top in order from 1 to 9 or wait and have the children help you arrange them. Then let the children take turns drawing cards and placing them on the correct word card.

Variation:  Sort the cards into different categories such as: color, card type (numeral, dot, or tally), numbers with straight or curvy lines (or both) or even and odd numbers, etc.)

* Bowling

1 - 2 children

Objective: To bowl over the cards (knock them down)

This requires a ball and  9 paper or plastic cups or game card stands (stands are available on Amazon) to hold up each card like bowling pins.  If you’re using cups just slit a single line across the base of the cup (NOT down the sides) using an Xacto knife (as if you were         dividing the base into two equal halves) then slide the cards into the provided slits (only a small edge of the card should be in the  stand so that you can see the number displayed on the card while it is standing up). Once all the “pins” are ready place them on the ground in a triangle like formation.  (I use painters tape to make a triangle on the floor as well as a    horizontal line that the children need to stand behind.) Then the children take turns     bowling the ball (almost any ball will work) across the floor and counting out how many pins they have knocked down.  Each child gets to bowl the ball twice before they go and reset the pins.

Variation:  Use nerf guns and darts to knock over the pins.

* Grab Bag

Gather up 45 manipulatives such as “chips”, unifix cubes or small wooden blocks.  Combine one set of balloon cards (1 through 9) with your chosen manipulatives and place inside a ziplock bag to be used as a “grab bag” activity.  When you’re ready to play, start by spreading out all nine cards on a hard surface then encourage the child to stack the correct amount of manipulatives on top of each card.

Variation:  Use clothespins or paperclips and place the correct amount around the edge of each card.

Print it!

Print it!

 Good Night, Gorilla - Balloon Math Cards

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