About Us

A Few Words About Us

I am a stay-at-home mom and college student.  I have my bachelor's degree in Early Childhood Education and am now working on my master's degree.  Being a college student is more like a “side job” and my main focus and energy goes to raising our two girls with much love and support from my husband.

Originally my Early Childhood Education degree was intended for teaching preschool (which I did for 6 years) but now my own children are benefiting from it and I couldn’t be any more thrilled to have this opportunity! I've also had the pleasure to begin teaching current and future early childhood professionals at a nearby community college, which has been an absolute blast!

Our goal is to raise children that are caring, curious and capable.  By capable I mean that they have strong self-esteem and are equipped with the tools that will help them address whatever problem is laid before them.  And to me, curiosity is more of a thirst for knowledge, which is absolutely incredible to witness and is the main reason for creating this website. I want to help parents find ways to foster curiosity in their children (and themselves) and to get excited about learning!

I hope to build up a bountiful collection of activities that include all of the senses and encompass a multitude of developmental areas such as social/emotional, fine motor, gross motor, math, literacy, science, and art.  I’ll also use my blog “Teachable Moments” to share simple ways of transforming every day minutes into teachable moments.