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Ever wonder if your child is on track? Or what to work on next?
An ASQ can help!


Great selection of activities for parents & teachers
That will help you create learning opportunities all day long!

Story Stretchers

Reinforce a story while incorporating education!
We include a variety of activities and cover multiple domains including
Cognitive, Physical, Social Emotional as well as Language & Literacy.


Here you will find activities that engage all of the senses and encompass a multitude of developmental areas such as: social/emotional, fine motor, gross motor, math, literacy, science and art. Be sure to stop by our blog for tips on how to transform every day minutes into Teachable Moments

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Teachable Moments


Songs All Day Every Day!
Songs can help kids move from one activity to the next in a fun and positive way or be a wonderful way to build new vocabulary while incorporating movement!  There are so many benefits to adding music to your day!



All Behavior is Communication
The key to changing your child's challenging behavior is understanding what it is they're trying to tell you, because ALL behavior is communication.


That engage all the senses and span across multiple developmental areas.


Loose parts!! Play with loose parts enhances children's ability to think imaginatively and see solutions. It's a form of "play" with endless possibilities.  Come check out some awesome ideas here!


As parents we have the responsibility of ensuring that our children are developing as they should be, but such a feat often invokes several questions such as...


Transform everyday minutes into "Teachable Moments"